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If you can put your hand on your heart and say “I am completely satisfied with my life as it is now, in all its glory” —  your relationships, your job, your career, occupation, where you live and where your life is going —  then this event is probably not for you!

On the other hand, if you sometimes or even frequently find yourself thinking “Is this it?” or “Is this as good as it gets?”, read on!

This new event is a collaboration between Pat Young, Your One Precious Life and
Sue Tappenden, Headspace for Change. The combination of their experience, training and delivery styles will ensure a lively, action-packed and challenging day where you will start to connect with what you really want out of your life. 


You will experience an energising and thought-provoking mixture of  theoretical input linked to emotional intelligence, entertaining speeches, personal reflection and small group activities.

You will be encouraged to actively reflect on elements of your life as it is now, to develop some clarity how it might be different and identify key action steps to take away that will move you forward in Your One Precious Life’s journey.

Brief Bios:

Sue is a skilled coach, facilitator and mentor and uses her 25-years of people-based leadership and business experience, knowledge and specialist training to support  individuals, teams and organisations through change.  She is particularly passionate about encouraging business and organisational leaders to get themselves effective support that doesn’t add to the overwhelm but builds their resilience and self-awareness.  Sue loves being around people and to watch how they roll, is fascinated by what makes us tick and has a deep interest in how we relate to each other.
You can find out more about Sue here:
Sue: Headspace For Change

Sue’s FaceBook Page is here.

Pat is an award winning and entertaining public speaker, a Humanistic Psychologist, and occasional stand up comic. His coaching style and approach, evolved over the past thirty or so years of field experience, is based around honest, authentic conversations and appreciative inquiry. He works with his clients experientially in the ‘here and now’ helping them to explore the ways in which they consciously or unconsciously interrupt their progress and the fulfilment of their potential. He has access to a wide range of coaching and development tools.
You can find out more about Pat here:
Pat: Pat’s Bio

Cost of attending Your One Precious Life—Kickstart! is £159.00

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