Your One Precious Life • Seminar

31/10/2018FaceBookCoverComp•PSD•20180619If you can put your hand on your heart and say, 

“I am completely satisfied with my life as it is now, in all its glory”, that is, your relationships, your job, your career, occupation, where you live and where your life is going then this event is probably not for you!

On the other hand, if you sometimes, or even frequently, find yourself thinking 

“Is This It?” Or “Is this As Good As It Gets?”, read on!

I am really excited to announce details of a new 1-day seminar ‘Your One Precious Life’ that will get you fully engaged in thinking about your life and what you want from it.  

This event is a collaboration between myself and my great friend and colleague Sue Tappenden.  The combination of our experience, training and delivery styles will ensure a lively and challenging day and, if you would like them, there are more details about us both here:  

Sue: More here.    

Pat:  More here.


The full, action packed day, will include an energising and thought-provoking mixture of listening, theoretical input linked to emotional intelligence, entertaining speeches, personal reflection and small group activities.  

During the day you will be encouraged to identify key action steps to take away that will move you forward in Your One Precious Life’s Journey.

WHEN:  Wednesday 31st October 2018 (9.30am until 4.30pm)

WHERE:  Ravens Ait, a stunning island on the River Thames in Kingston, Surrey.
Read More: Ravens Ait Island

More details, including how to book, will follow soon!

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