Coaches’ Supervision Group

IMAGINE a safe, compassionate space with a small group of like minded professionals where you can give and receive support for your on-going professional development.
A place where you can review and explore your professional practice while developing your skills.

IMAGINE working with a process which will enable you to uncover your very ‘essence’, to discern your true ‘purpose’ in life, and to begin living into this.

IMAGINE a process which will enable you to get to grips with the real you, to enable you to understand how you get in your own way, how you interrupt your potential and which will teach you how to stop doing that!

IMAGINE a repertoire of interpersonal skills you can use to achieve excellence in almost any environment and the self confidence to enable you to do this?

IMAGINE sharing all this with your clients.

The Advanced Practitioners’ Group, is a unique, on-going, personal and professional development experience, founded upon the premise that the only place where meaningful personal development can take place is in a supportive group.

There are currently a few places available, please contact me for more information.
Participation is subject to a discovery conversation with me, in advance of joining the group. 

Request a discovery conversation by clicking here.

The cost of the Group is £774.00 per six sessions, plus VAT,
Location of the group — Crawley, West Sussex.

 Session Dates

“Experience is not just the best teacher…
it may be the only teacher!”

Sign up for an exciting, experiential, development group, meeting one day per month for six months, immerse yourself in FIRO Theory to develop your interpersonal and relationship skills.

  • You will experience working with FIRO Theory in the ‘here and now’ using Schutz’s unique and acclaimed Open Encounter Model
  • You will develop a very deep understanding of inclusion, control, openness, significance, competence and likeability and how this impacts on you and others
  • You will develop an intimate understanding of your own defences and how you interrupt, undermine, get in the way of and sabotage your own process
  • You will learn how to diminish your defensive reactions in interpersonal encounters which means that you will become much more skilful in situations where you used to feel threatened and out of your depth
  • You will focus on real developmental issues and you will learn by witnessing, participating, experiencing and doing
  • You will learn to work with real, live, unfolding issues, not abstract concepts. This means that you will build your skills working with immediate, emerging, developmental processes. This will increase your competence and self confidence to facilitate individuals, groups, teams and organisations through their developmental processes.


The Advanced FIRO Practitioners Group is only open to persons who can evidence a strong commitment to their personal and professional development.
Check additional eligibility criteria here.

Request A Discovery Conversation Now.

Places are limited to eight participants only.

Your initial commitment will be for six, one day group sessions which will take place at approximately monthly intervals. 100% attendance is required.

If your application to join this group is successful the commitment you will be making is primarily to your own development, but the agreement between us for six sessions will ensure the safety and viability of the whole group.

Dates of Sessions

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