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Unforeseen, unplanned and unexpected life changing events will almost always trigger deeper fears of: grief, loss, anxiety, fear for the future, powerlessness, incompetence, anger, inability to cope, and  much more besides. 

As you are reading this the UK has entered another lockdown to help deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic. Some people are furloughed, some are working from home, some have lost their jobs. Education at all levels has been interrupted. Holidays and very special celebrations have been postponed or canceled. Many people are having to grieve for lost loved ones, and lost friends. Relationships have broken down. No one can say with any degree of certainty when or how it will end.

Practitioners need deep reserves of resilience in order to maintain their effective functioning and ability to hold the relationship with their clients compassionately, without themselves becoming overwhelmed with the emotional content of the moment.

Even practitioners with many years of experience are being challenged when working with the emotional material, catalysed directly and indirectly, by crisis driven events, such as the current Covid 19 Pandemic. 

Some of the signs that obtaining support might be useful include the following:
• increased stress and anxiety;
• difficulty in sleeping, relaxing and resting;
• inability to let go of a client’s issues;
• feelings of inadequacy and a general lack of ability;
• difficulty switching off;
• a sense of nowhere to turn to for help;
• the ‘bottling up’ of feelings and emotions;
• generally not feeling good about oneself:
• low or diminished self esteem

Compassionate,  effective, non judgemental, client focussed supervision can make the essential difference in enabling practitioners to remain fully effective through times like these. Whilst fully attending to their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their client’s.

The Wise Helper Group is an on-going practitioner supervision and professional development experience which offers support, a safe and compassionate space to review client case work, and continuous professional development by way of experiential learning and expert tutorial input.

If you would like to discuss how participation in this group would support and assist your practise and professional development, please reach out to me via the contact page, link above



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