The Speakers Bootcamp


2018 Dates will be published shortly.

£1045.00 + VAT.

BasicBookingsButton250X99pxl-20150804You and I, we live in the increasingly digital age. We experience daily what has been aptly named ‘the data deluge’. Our attention is drawn to, some would say demanded by, this ‘Tweet’ and that ‘Facebook Timeline’, we are encouraged to get LinkedIn to people we know and to some we don’t know, while Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram all vie for our attention. All of this besides being subjected to the constant bombardment of advertising and sales ‘messages’, from numerous sources.

You could be forgiven for imagining that the spoken word was no longer relevant. You could not be more wrong. The spoken word, the verbal skills which enable effective speakers ‘To Move Minds And Influence People’ are more important now than they ever were. The spoken word, delivered effectively, is what enables great communicators to cut through the data and information deluge and get the attention of those they lead, command, direct and wish to influence.

The ability to stand up before a group of people, whether you know them, or whether they are total strangers, command their attention to listen to you and act upon the message you have to impart to them, is one of the most important skills you can acquire across the span of your career.

“There are only two types of public speaker,
Those who get nervous and liars!” [Mark Twain.]

For the first time in over a decade I have designed a brand new personal and professional development programme called The Speakers Bootcamp. A three day intensive workshop in public speaking which will enable you to develop compelling verbal communications skills.


On The Speakers Bootcamp You will learn and practice:

Delivering a prepared speech – simple techniques to aid your ability to deliver powerful speeches.
Stagecraft – learning how to use the space available to you.
Presence – developing gravitas, getting and holding the attention of your audience.
Charisma, charismatic training – learning how to inspire others
G.R.A.C.E. – a body-mind approach to public speaking.
Authenticity – credibility, reliability, dependability, trust.
Developing your authentic speaking voice [yes you do have one!]
Speech building and construction – simple tools to help you build effective compelling speeches.
The narrative arc – a powerful tool for speech construction
The Use of Humour – learn elements of stand up comedy; set-up and punch; the callback
The Use of language – the rule of three; onomatopoeia, alliteration, allegory; structure & craft
Edutainment – you may not realise it but one of your tasks is to entertain as well as educate – learn how
Physical presence – use of your body, movement, gesture and posture
That damned keynote! – how to master set piece presentations
Practice – using your new skills for, presentations, pitches, pleas, reports, selling and inspiring and motivating others.
Evaluating your performance and attending to your on-going development

BasicBookingsButton250X99pxl-20150804Bringing Home The Marbles

The spoken word is the most potent form of communication by far. Speakers who inspire, motivate, enthuse, enthral, entertain, empower and educate – become great leaders and attract huge followings. It is difficult to think of a successful business person, leader or politician who does not possess great speaking ability.

Truly great speakers are remembered across the years, decades and even centuries as much for their speeches as for their other achievements. Think – Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Benazir Bhutto, Winston Churchill, Betty Ford, Steve Jobs and Mother Theresa to name but a few who are no longer with us, but whose words are still an inspiration to many. Think also of Aung San Suu Kyi, Hilary Clinton and Desmond Tutu who continue to inspire many today.

Inspiration – the breath of life.

The acquisition and development of public speaking skills is not easy, especially if you try to do it on your own! But it is well within the grasp of practically everybody. Developing public speaking skills is fun – yes that’s correct – fun! My new programme will take you from where you are right now to comfortably enjoying speaking in public, in a three day, action packed, experiential learning workshop, with a small group of people like you who wish to develop their critical business skills and become super able communicators. Speakers who bring home the marbles!

Imagine yourself delivering your speech, lovingly created and crafted from scratch, to an enraptured, attentive, interested audience, paying close attention to your every word. They are being educated, stimulated, inspired and entertained by your thoughts, delivered with skill, through your ability to communicate with the power of your oratorical ability; and most important of all – see yourself completely enjoying the entire experience.

In addition to my psychological background as an executive coach and group facilitator, I have considerable experience in theatre [stage management] stand up comedy, the martial arts [Aikdo, Kung Fu, Boxing and I actually taught Tai Chi for seven years – admittedly a while ago now]  and last but by no means least, many years of successful, enjoyable public speaking. << Read More Here >>

The Speakers Bootcamp is the culmination of all this experience and brings elements of all the above mentioned areas into one super, exciting, personal and professional development workshop.


The Speakers Bootcamp is a three day, intensive, experiential, workshop, delivered in a comfortable venue, in central London, which will enable you to deliver top class, verbal presentation and speaking skills. Whether these be pitches, presentations to the board, sales pitches to key clients, motivational and inspirational talks to your team or any other group or organisation you care to imagine.

The Workshop  costs £1045.00 + VAT, and includes all training materials, refreshments and a copy of The Speakers Bootcamp Workbook.

You will learn to:

  • Craft compelling, inspiring, motivational verbal speeches and presentations
  • Overcome nerves and ‘stage fright’
  • Release your inner orator [yes you do have one!]
  • Dazzle, captivate, inspire and enlighten your audiences and enjoy the process as you do so!

Effective verbal communication, not power point slides or flashy graphics, combined with speech craft, authenticity and presence, is what changes minds and influences people. Develop the ability to communicate your ideas powerfully, artfully and entertainingly to enable you to bring home the marble

“There is no greater agony than bearing an
untold story inside you” Maya Angelou.
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