The Leadership Algorithm

The Leadership Algorithm™ is a deep, intensive, invigorating, experiential learning, training programme, delivered ‘in-house’, on or off site for client organisations. It is designed to be accessed by managers who have ‘people responsibilities’ at all levels of a sponsoring organisation.

Previous interventions were accessed by managers from board level all the way through to inexperienced team leaders and first line managers. 

When TLA is deployed in this way the degree and depth of coverage ensures that change will occur naturally, and organically, as well as creating a common language for leadership and management throughout an organisation.

It has been run in a wide variety of organisational settings, suitably adapted, tailored and adjusted for each specific environment, ranging from Brewing, Finance, High Street Retail, The Music/Entertainment Industry, Publishing, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Engineering, The Charity Sector and various Government Departments.

It is based on synthesis of FIRO Theory, ‘The Art Of Facilitation’ and key aspects of Humanistic Psychology. The technology is tried and tested and has been kept rigorously up to date so that in 2019 it encompasses the most recent findings and practices on Emotional Intelligence, which have been fully integrated into the programme.

Benefits Of The Programme.

The Leadership Algorithm Programme is practical, accessible, challenging and fun. Participants engage easily with the material which is relevant to their work and their lives.

Rooted firmly in FIRO Theory®, The Human Element Process®, The Art Of Facilitation, and the latest thinking on Emotional Intelligence, approaches which enable participants to understand their fundamental interpersonal strengths and areas for development. They will learn to use a suite of practical relationship tools based on a tried and tested coaching methodology, which are ideally suited to leadership and management and which will enable participants to increase their self confidence and capacity to manage others in all situations. They will learn about Emotional Intelligence and how to develop and deploy this in their lives and work.

The Leadership Algorithm Programme has been continuously developed and kept up to date over the 21 years of its existence. Great emphasis is placed on the importance to ones life and career on the development of Emotional Intelligence. Participants will develop high levels of self and other awareness—the pinnacle skills of Emotional Intelligence—and as a consequence enhance their capacity to be authentic. They will dramatically increase their ability to manage self and others. They will develop new understanding on how to motivate self and others and will increase their interpersonal sensitivity, and people skills.

Client Testimonials and Feedback about The Programme,
can be viewed here

On going support is available to participants via one to one coaching, by arrangement.

The programme uses a modular construction and can be quickly and easily tailored to the exact needs of specific client organisations. This offers a number of deployment possibilities.

A bespoke 360º feedback instrument is available to support the development of participants.

There is a five day train the trainer workshop which is used when client companies wish to deploy their own in house training personnel to assist in the facilitation of the programme.

To discuss how The Leadership Algorithm will benefit your organisation please get in touch here or via the contacts page.

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