The Alchemy Of Supervision

Experienced practitioners are aware of the risks to their own well being and ability from the ‘accumulation-by-association’ of their client’s issues. 

They make sure to take appropriate measures which enable them to decompress and stay well, thus avoiding burnout, whilst maintaining their ability to function effectively with their clients at all times.

Supervision, a professional requirement for the established psychological helping professions of psychotherapy and counselling, is becoming ever more valued by coaches, consultants, teachers, mentors and mediators.

What may not be fully appreciated is the alchemical, existential change process that effective case supervision brings to a practitioner’s overall ability, by assisting in the development of new relevant skills, as well as providing a safe space, appropriate support, on-going continuous professional development, and the benefits of a confidential, supportive peer group.

The Rationale for Supervision.

Unforeseen, unexpected events will almost always trigger deeper fears of: grief, loss, anxiety, fear for the future, powerlessness, incompetence, anger, inability to cope, and  much more besides. Many of the practitioners I supervise are being faced with increasing demands to provide ever more support for their clients. 

Practitioners need support too. This is particularly true when working with powerful feelings and emotions. Even those practitioners with many years of experience are being challenged when working with the deeper emotional material, which is catalysed by crisis driven events, such as the current Covid 19 Pandemic. 

The practitioner supervision group provides an on-going,  safe space for support, a learning and development space, and a welcome breathing space for people like you, who offer psychological and emotional support to others.

Participating will enable you to develop your skills, whatever your current level of ability, to work existentially—in the here and now—with your clients. You will learn by reflecting on your own practise. Witnessing the other group members reflecting on their practise, and you will benefit from expert tutorial and facilitation input.

The foundation of the group is FIRO Theory, the benchmark for existential healing and development. I will also introduce additional, supportive approaches, drawn from Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Psychodrama, Group Systems Theory, and many others from my 35+ years of experience.


The group meets once every four or five weeks, currently via zoom. Where participants have the opportunity to review their client case work, to get and to give appropriate support, to develop their professional skills, and to decompress and maintain their well being, with a group of like minded peers.

To discuss your participation in the group, get in touch with me for a no obligation and no cost conversation about the suitability of the group for your personal and professional developmental.

On joining, your commitment will be to attend for an in initial six sessions, approximately every four weeks, from 1.00 pm until 4.30 pm. 

All sessions currently take place on zoom. Costs are transparent and negotiable. Group size is limited to a maximum of eight participants.

Individual one to one supervision is also available by negotiation.