Leader As Coach Programme Testimonials.

BAE Systems INSYTE Division.

“We put 20 of our established shop floor supervisors through the Leader As Coach Programme, not only did every single supervisor declare the programme the most practical they had every attended, but the increase in efficiency after 2 months was so dramatic from one of our Manufacturing Teams that we had to check that the figures for time taken against time allowed were correct! A 20% improvement on base times.

The course is designed to show managers at all levels how to lead, manage and maintain compatible productive teams and it succeeds in every case, our plan is to put every supervisor though this type of training as we believe the return on investment is easily achieved within six months.

One of the biggest advantages of the course is its applicability across all disciplines, such as Manufacturing, Purchasing, Finance, Engineering, Servicing and Material Control. Supervisors from these disciplines took the course together and applied the ethos in the same manner, successfully in every case.

This is the most progressive, practical course I have ever encountered.”

Quoted by Geoff Howe
Avionics Production Manager

What does it mean in practice?
Clerical Medical Investment Group, HBOS, An Independent Review.

After a successful pilot CMIG initiated a company-wide roll out of the Leader As Coach Programme, which was offered to every manager in the business with direct reports. Independent Research, initiated by the client at the end of the first year of the roll out, found the following:

• Participating managers had experienced a 20% improvement in their coaching skills since attending the programme.
• There was a 14% year on year increase in the number of individuals who reported that their manager provided the coaching needed to improve performance.
• 81% felt that being coached had helped them to feel more motivated about their work.
• 94% felt that being coached had helped them to improve their skills.
• 84% felt that being coached had helped them to feel more confident about certain areas of work.
• 63% felt that being coached had helped them to take on more responsibilities.
• 81% felt that being coached had led to more positive working relationships with their manager.
• 78% felt that as a result of coaching they had improved their overall performance.
• 84% of managers reported that they used coaching skills informally on a daily or weekly basis.
• 92% believed The Leader As Coach Programme had helped them understand the impact of their behaviour on others.
• 74% said the programme had helped them build constructive relationships with other managers.
• 78% said the programme had helped them motivate direct reports to perform more effectively.
• 73% said the programme had helped them improve the performance of some of their direct reports through coaching.
• 57% of managers reported using coaching their direct reports, as an alternative to sending them on a training course.
• 68% of managers responded that they had been able to delegate more to others.

The findings demonstrated the value added to the business by the programme.
The Leader As Coach Programme achieved a Return On Investment in 8.3 months.
The return on investment in year one = 137% of the cost of intervention.
The programme had a significant impact on the bottom line.
Managers found that they had reduced their reliance on external training.
Staff opinion surveys demonstrated increases in satisfaction, motivation, commitment and morale.
The report concluded that The Leader As Coach Programme led to an increase in profits, added value to the organisation and was a worthwhile investment.

CMIG went on to run over 80—3—day Leader As Coach Programmes across the UK and in several European Locations. Following this the Leader As Coach Programme migrated to Halifax Insurance Services a subsidiary of HBOS headquartered in the Republic of Ireland, over 20 further programmes were run there.

A selection of Feedback from programme participants who had just completed the Leader As Coach Programme:

“Extremely worthwhile and will be very valuable. Provided powerful tools to help with my own development and development of my staff.”

“Like no other course/workshop/seminar I have ever attended. Wish I had been on this course years ago – lots of questions have been answered (and I didn’t even know I had questions!)”

“SUPERB course, got a lot out of it. Very hands on. Well managed and FAR exceeded my expectations.”

“Superb programme. For me personally it was pitched just right with a good balance of theory and practical examples. As an outsider I found the group a joy and have to say it was one of the best courses I have ever attended. My thanks to the facilitators for their time and effort.”

“Best and most relevant course I’ve ever attended – life changing.”


“Do the programme now! Don’t wait, it could change your life.” 

“If you are involved with people in any capacity, you can not but help get immense value out of this programme.”

“It has enabled me to look at me, how I behave, how I view myself and my colleagues, team, partner, family. It has given me the tools to change some of the not so positive areas of my life.”

“These three days have really opened my mind and enabled me to see where I can change, where I can accept and where I can review my behaviour.”

“Extremely relevant – I wish I had done this programme when I was 18! I might be a totally different person.”

“Will be less controlling and move towards giving my staff more autonomy.”

“I tend to obscure the truth out of avoidance of conflict and making decisions. That is changing and The Leader As Coach has helped.”