Supervision T&C’s

The Supervision Group is a professional development and case supervision group. It is open to practitioners who are currently working with, or who are about to undertake working with ‘clients’, to provide them with specialist services of the type generally described as coaching, counselling, mentoring, teaching, therapy and so on. It is in principle open to practitioners of all theoretical approaches, subject to the following.

Practitioners who have not worked with me before are invited to have a preliminary conversation, to establish their suitability for participation in the supervision group and to ascertain the group’s suitability to meet the developmental and support agenda of each potential participant. These conversations are reciprocal and incur no costs. Any other preliminary questions potential participants have may be addressed at these meetings.
I am also happy to answer any questions by email.

A high level of professionalism and commitment is required of all group members. Meetings take place every four to five weeks on a Friday from 1.00 pm — 4.30 pm, dates are published in advance. Full attendance is required of all members.

Confidentiality is a professional requirement of this group.