Supervision is a primary source of peer support and guidance, a place of collaboration, education, decompression, sustenance and healing for practitioners, at all levels of development and experience.

As a practitioner with over 35 years of field experience, I have been in continuous, ongoing supervision throughout that time. I cannot imagine practising my craft without the support effective supervision provides.

The nature of the work we do increases the likelihood that practitioners may become overloaded with an accumulation of their clients collective emotional issues, thus diminishing their awareness, reducing the efficacy of their helping capacity and ability, as well as causing a potential overload to their own psyche!

Practitioners may also be called upon to support clients through difficult issues and situations which they themselves have not experienced before, where supportive, tutorial input would be helpful.

The calling to support, to assist and to help the development of others, often derives from a time and a place in the practitioner’s own history. This particular aspect of helping, known as the ‘Archetype of the Wounded Healer’, is, when acknowledged and addressed, a source of great personal and professional strength.

The on-going Supervision Group facilitates and enables the development of aware, creative, skilled, compassionate, emotionally intelligent practitioners; a necessity for these challenging times.

Supervision aims to help practitioners overcome stumbling blocks, to move through loss, to find deeper meaning and interpersonal connection, and ultimately to function at their highest potential. The on-going nature of the group is designed to foster a compassionate,  collegiate, peer support network.   Places are limited.

To discuss how joining this group will support your professional development and enhance your practise, please register your interest via the link below, to arrange a reciprocal, confidential, no obligation discussion.