Reviews And Feedback

“In a gentle way you can shake the world” Ghandi.

“The entire course content was great, and the course was run at great pace. The debate and discussion was very useful, for me it was the first course that did not try to make me be anyone else or adopt a different style. It just made me aware of how I could get better results by understanding why people are like they are and working with them from that place.”

“Extremely worthwhile and will be very valuable. Provided very powerful tools to help with my own development and the development of my staff.”

“Superb programme. For me personally it was pitched just right with a good balance of theory and practical examples. As an outsider I found the group a joy and have to say it was one of the best courses I have ever attended. My thanks to the facilitators for their time and effort.”

“SUPERB course, got a lot out of it. Very hands on and practical. Well managed and FAR exceeded my expectations.”

“Best and most relevant course I’ve ever attended – life changing.”


“Highly transformational and a deeply insightful, a powerful leadership development programme”

“Having attended several ‘Developing Leaders’ courses during my career, the approach of this course was totally different and put a new perspective on things for me. Very thought provoking. We tend to be very ‘action’ orientated in the work environment and this course made me rethink about the balance.”

“This course has given me some really tangible mechanisms to use for not only helping to improve improve the leadership ability of others but also a deeper understanding of how I personally tick. The benefit of the course will be realised in all areas of my life where interpersonal relationships are important.”

“The Art Of Facilitation process model and the process of learning delivery enabled a deep understanding of behavioural change and the transformational power of personal insight. I had some very engaging discussions with colleagues from other parts of the business and all those I worked with appeared to find the programme very supportive.”

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