Please Lie To Me

About Please Lie To Me.

Please lie to me” is our usual agreement. This agreement is informal, unconscious, and non-verbal. It is also self-perpetuating. As a result, we continue to live in fear and mistrust of one another. This agreement infects all relationships unless otherwise agreed to. This is no one’s fault but everyone’s problem. Like actors in a play, we are all pretending. Unlike actors, we don’t know we are pretending. Self-deception is seductive and addicting, but like opioids, offers only temporary relief. Afraid of being real and transparent with one another, by default we are left with a lifetime of strategic lying and withholding. In the deal, we abandon our own authenticity, integrity and self-respect.

Tragically, we believe this is necessary.

Please Lie to Me makes unflinching eye contact with fear.

Please Lie to Me defines what it takes to liberate you, your close personal relationships, your colleagues, those you lead, your workforce and your organization from being hostage to Fear.

Please Lie to Me challenges you to explore your authenticity with yourself and with your closest relationships. To explore and examine the ways in which you are not true to yourself, the ways in which you undermine your potential and diminish your self concept.

Please Lie to Me takes on fear in the workplace by using a new agreement to replace business as usual. Implementing this New Agreement establishes Accountable Consciousness, which transforms the culture and the business.

Please Lie to Me challenges business owners and leaders to take back the control of their cultures and organizations. In so doing, employees become fully engaged and the organization will reach currently unattainable heights of effectiveness, productivity, and loyalty.


Since 1980 my work has been focused on our fear of one another and the impact that has on our lives. Make no mistake, fear is alive and well. If you refuse to deal with it, it owns you.

I have specialized in working to minimize the impact fear has on organizations and the people who work in them. The employees’ collective fear is reflected in the culture and the productivity of the organization. “Scared stiff” means just what it implies. This is as true for organizations as it is for individuals and the human body. It results in Business as Usual. Mistrust stifles the flow of transformational vitality unless leaders and employees do what it takes to trust one another

Please Lie To Me is part biography and part workbook, it will help you to understand and become more aware of those times when you are not being authentic – true to yourself, and will give you strategies for changing this. Reading this book is likely to make you feel just a little uncomfortable, but it may just change your life. Click the button below to order your copy.