FIRO Theory, Incorporating 7 Steps To Authentic Leadership, Joining Instructions

FIRO Theory — 7 Steps To Authentic Leadership
December 3rd – 7th 2012.

The Venue for the programme will be
The Cornmill Complementary Health Centre,
Judges Close, High Street, East Grinstead,
West Sussex. RH19 3AA.

East Grinstead Street

East Grinstead is a typical Old English market town. One of its many claims to fame is that it houses the longest continuous run of Tudor Buildings still in habitation anywhere in England.

The Cornmill Centre.

Opened in February 1999, The Cornmill Centre has an established reputation as a centre of excellence in a wide range of complementary health therapies. The centre has an excellent seminar room and a very welcoming ambiance.

The centre is located about a 1/2 mile walk from East Grinstead Main Line Railway Station, there are excellent rail services from London Victoria. Connections are possible from other regions of the UK via East Croydon and then onwards to East Grinstead.


Start and finish times are as follows:

Day 1: start 10:30 am aiming to finish at round about 6:00 pm
Days 2,3,4 & 5: start 9:30 am aiming to finish at round about 6:00 pm, except for day five: finish no later than 3:30pm.
I ask participants to be flexible around finishing times each day because it’s not always possible to predict exact ending times and it’s not always appropriate to close down processes abruptly.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, there will be some moving about within various exercises and activities. Notebooks are supplied, you will be emailed a link to the programme workbook which is a ‘download’ and is optional, it is there as a resource if you wish to use it.
We use ‘backjack’ floor seats, but if you wish to sit in a conventional chair this can be easily arranged!

Parking is simply not possible at the Cornmill Centre, however, there are several public car parks within 5 minutes walking distance of the centre.


The Cornmill Centre does not have any accommodation itself. However, East Grinstead, has a wide range, variety and standard of accommodation.

A very good source of information on accommodation is the town’s own web site which you can browse to here: »»East Grinstead Town Council

I have recently completed a web search to look for accommodation prices and surprise, surprise, there is quite a range and variation within a five mile radius of the town.

Prices I found on the web ranged from £40.00 per night up to 5 Star Michelin Standard—sky’s the limit kind of stuff!

Most convenient, well appointed and pretty good value too is The Gothic House B&B, which is situated less than 5 minutes walk from the Cornmill Centre. However, they only have three rooms. I have personally inspected them and they are of a very high standard. If you wish to stay there I should book quickly. You can view their web site here: »»Gothic House.

Good value for money is the Effingham Copthorne Hotel, (5 miles from the Cornmill) which, last time I checked,  was offering accommodation at £45.00 per night, you can browse to their web site here: »»Copthorne Hotel

Whereas, the local Premier Inn (2 miles from Cornmill) are offering rooms today at £62.00 per room. Their Web site is here: »»Premier Inn

A web search or a perusal of the East Grinstead web site will reveal many more accommodation options.

As always if you have any questions please give me a ring, or email me here.

Please note this web page is only to provide joining instructions, information on accommodation and directions to the venue for the FIRO Training Programme, you can access the main LEC web site here: »»