FIRO Phase I Programme ‘A’

If you want to develop your coaching, facilitation and leadership skills to the highest level you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to learn how to help the people you work with understand how they unconsciously stop themselves from achieving their fullest potential and facilitate them to change their behaviour as a result, sign up now for the FIRO Theory—Phase I Development Programme.

This programme will benefit you if …

    • You Develop Leaders
    • It Is Your Job To Motivate And Inspire Others
    • Talent Management Is Part of Your Remit
    • You Deliver Performance/Executive/Life Coaching
    • You Are Tasked to Deliver Training & Development Interventions
    • The Team You Lead Is Not Performing To It’s Fullest Potential

The Phase One, 5-day programme, is a group personal development workshop that releases human potential and productivity by building unparalleled levels of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-accountability.



Success in your chosen endeavour is not just about ambition, skill and ability, it is about self belief. Everything you do and achieve in your life is a product of your ‘self concept’, that is, how you see and how you feel about your self.

Your Biggest Opponent

The biggest opponent you face in achieving your fullest potential, is the one who lives between your ears! The biggest barrier to the accomplishment of your ambitions, aspirations and goals turns out to be those internalised self limiting beliefs, which interrupt, sabotage and generally prevent you from achieving your objectives.

The Effect Is Liberating

Much has been written about the effect of bringing these negative self beliefs and their associated habits into awareness and of developing the motivation and skills to change them. This programme will provide you with the technology to do so immediately—the effect is liberating

Mind The Gap

The FIRO Theory Phase One Development Programme for facilitators, coaches, and leaders will enable you to tap into your self concept and to understand the gap between your current performance and your full potential.

Eliminate The Gap

You will learn how to apply FIRO Theory to eliminate this gap, you will also learn how to facilitate this in others. Read what Bernie Hoare of Elements People Development, had to say about Phase I…

“This programme gets to the very heart of the matter in a way that is both gentle, profound and illuminating. Powered by FIRO Theory, Pat is an exemplary facilitator.”



We know this because our participants tell us so. They report that attending this 5 day experiential workshop has a huge impact on them personally and professionally. David Dickinson, Director of Student Support, The University of Surrey found that…

“It was an important experience for me, one that impacted me more powerfully than any other single training and development event I had ever attended before.”

Participants also tell us that it has made a big difference to the quality of their personal relationships, has greatly increased their self confidence and sensitivity as facilitators, coaches and leaders, as well as providing a thorough grounding in a powerful model of group dynamics which enables them to understand the inner workings of groups, teams and organisations. Janine Clark, Thryve Consulting has this to say about the programme…

“If you are wondering if this is the programme for you, rest assured the answer is ‘yes’. In 10 years in the development business, and lots of qualifications later, I can say with complete conviction that I wish I had done this first. It is a complete and accessible model for change, which is facilitated with mastery.”



Important Emotional Competence

Many studies have shown that Self Awareness is considered to be the most important emotional competence in the achievement of fulfilling lives, and successful careers. On the programme you will be introduced to, and will learn how to use a unique, powerful suite of psychometric instruments which will give you a refreshing new awareness of yourself and the impact you have on others.


You will learn about your defences – how you prevent yourself from achieving the best, most productive, most effective, relationships you possibly can, with family, friends, clients and colleagues. You will develop strategies for diminishing your defensiveness.

You will learn to use a mixture of group exercises, reflections and theoretical input as well as structured practice to facilitate skills development in yourself and others.

You will be able to use this exciting, dynamic approach with individuals, groups or teams, in a range of different contexts including:

    • leadership development
    • leading high performing groups and teams
    • management training
    • training & development workshops
    • performance, executive or life coaching
    • team building

You will learn how to facilitate others to increase their performance and enhance their own potential and you will notice as Daniel Donachie of Everton FC discovered…

“This is a compete programme as it transforms the individual and gives the power to improve interpersonal skills. It is grounded and practical and will give you the power to transform yourself on many levels. I highly recommend it.”


Frequently asked questions…

How is the Programme structured?

The programme is a mixture of experiential learning, appropriate theoretical input, with plenty of opportunities to practice and develop your skills.

What is covered on the programme?

You will be taught the latest and most up to date version of FIRO Theory including:

Self Concept
Self Esteem
Truth and Choice

What will I be able to do with what I learn on the programme?

You will learn how to facilitate the people you work with to:

    • increase their self awareness
    • understand the impact they have on others
    • improve personal and interpersonal effectiveness
    • become more effective managers
    • develop the skills of authentic leadership
    • facilitate the development of high performing teams
    • build collaborative skills and resolve conflict easily
    • improve customer service
    • create conditions that enhance self-esteem
    • make communication more authentic, genuine and engaging
    • build cohesive, trusting, long-lasting relationships
    • dramatically increase flexibility of behaviour—resilience

Internationally Recognised

The FIRO Theory Phase I Programme is an internationally recognized training experience developed by Will Schutz, Ph.D. and is run in 17 countries worldwide. The programme is completely aligned to FIRO Theory, The Human Element and Profound Simplicity—the seminal books which are the foundation of this work. This programme forms part of the leadership and personal development programmes in organizations such as BAE Systems, Marks and Spencer PLC, and HBOS.

Work with Individuals, Groups, Teams and Organisations

I am one of the few people in this country who was trained by Will Schutz, I totally respect his work and methodology. I work with individuals, groups, teams and organisations, using FIRO Theory to reduce defensiveness, increase aliveness, self-direction, self-accountability, responsibility, and honesty. The processes I deploy gently increase engagement, collaboration, trust, creativity, inspiration, focus, motivation and drive which in turn leads to increased productivity, job satisfaction and high performing groups and teams.

Safe Yet Challenging

The programme is a safe yet challenging exploration of what drives us psychologically, in how we behave and feel towards ourselves and others. The initial part focuses on the individual and then moves on to interpersonal applications such as leadership, coaching and personal impact.

Powered By FIRO Theory

Solutions powered by FIRO Theory create sustainable, resilient, high-performance cultures. This programme is the product of scientific research—FIRO Theory—and twenty five years experience facilitating individuals, groups, teams and organisations. Employing the best of experiential — action learning and the latest innovations in coaching and facilitation, the Phase I Programme works with the foundations of human behaviour and motivation, creating deep, lasting change, whilst avoiding the hazards and pitfalls of the latest ‘quick-fix’ methods.

If you have any questions about whether or not this is the right programme for you, send us an email using the form on our home page, we will get back to you asap.

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