The Art Of facilitation is the bridge which connects individuals, groups and teams to their objectives, hopes and dreams.

Who should attend? 

The programme is for Coaches, Mentors, Educators, Leaders and Facilitators, who support and shape the development of others, who wish to take their skills to the next level.

For those whose remit is to develop others regardless of whether they are part of a large established practice, group, are embedded within an organisation or are a Solopreneur working on their own. 

It is a superb training for leaders and aspiring leaders who wish to increase their own and their team’s Emotional Intelligence, deploy a coaching style of leadership, rebuild or reconfigure their teams, or who wish to implement ‘self managed teamwork’.

What makes this training different and effective?

Developing awareness of, and the opportunity to change the unconscious self limiting beliefs that get in the way of effective professional practice.

Developing powerful Coaching, Mentoring Leadership and Facilitation skills.

Learning to use proprietary tools [including FIRO Element-B] to uncover and overcome obstacles to achieving full potential. 

The duration and structure of the training programme enables the development and embedding of practical skills which can be put to immediate use.

On-going support in incorporating the training and development into your everyday work—coaching sessions between blocks.

Opportunity to participate in post programme action learning set/peer group support.

What if I don’t find the training useful? 

The training is fully guaranteed. If 30 days after successful completion of the entire programme, plus active participation in the training, you feel it did not significantly improve the effectiveness of your professional practice, make you a better practitioner, and enable you to win more clients, a full refund will be provided. 

Why is the programme structured in three blocks over several months? 

Real change takes time. Most habits take more than 40 days to take hold. The modular design of AOF provides ample time, support and reinforcement, for the development of usable, practical skills,  for a long‐term shift in effective behaviours, support whilst changing and for attitudinal change to occur. 

Are there prerequisites to joining the training? 

Yes. An open attitude to develop your awareness further, to learn and to challenge yourself. AOF is designed to be a practical, hands on, working course, not simply a theoretical experience. The programme is specifically designed to help professionals take their practice to the next level, to help and support them to get new clients, and more rewarding and stimulating assignments. It is probably not suitable for aspiring practitioners who have no actual experience—it is not a course for beginners. However, I am open to discussing this and your specific requirements, contact details are below

Why do you use video conferencing for the Action Learning Sets? 

One of the key benefits of the programme’s design is the development of a group of peers who can support each other during and after the training. Video conferencing will reinforce relationship-building between participants and between participants and the primary facilitator, and has the added, time saving advantage, of not being dependent on location. 

What about support after the training? 

Successful participants will have the following options

a] to continue in on-line action learning group support sessions once every month. 

b] to join my on-going monthly support/development group which meets in my workspace in Crawley, West Sussex. [see APG link for more details]

Participants will have the option to sign up for the support sessions at the end of the training. 

What is the cost of the programme? £3,000.00 plus VAT

What if I want more details? 

Contact me on: 07971 168166 or aof@edgecon.co.uk

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