“Do You Need To Develop Leaders?”

Developing Your People“Emotionally Intelligent — Authentic Leaders”

Imagine the leaders in your organisation exhibiting self confidence, belief, assertiveness, resilience, clarity of thought and the ability to inspire themselves and others.

Imagine those leaders making decisions, facilitating change, able to communicate well, handling pressure, dealing with adversity and interacting with people, confidently and effectively.

This is where the Profound Leadership Programme excels, it is designed to strengthen a leader’s personal and interpersonal effectiveness which enhances their ability to facilitate engagement, commitment, passion and loyalty from their reports…Imagine the possibilities.

“How Do You Develop Leaders?”

Self confident, emotionally intelligent, authentic leaders, are the lifeblood of organisations large and small. This is especially true in times of economic contraction when leaders need to be able to inspire, motivate and facilitate their reports to fully engage with the organisation and its objectives.

I am assuming that You have spotted the emerging talent—the ‘High Potentials’, the future stars of your organisation. Not to mention those who are currently doing a good job, but with the right support could quickly and easily step up to the next level.

“What next?”

The Profound Leadership Programme will quickly impart the self awareness, knowledge, confidence, skills and abilities which leaders need, to create and sustain compatible, productive, high performing groups, teams and organisations


Your Leaders can expect to:-

  • Learn how to improve the performance, productivity and output of the people they lead to achieve business objectives speedily
  • Enhance their self confidence, to communicate more effectively
  • Develop their authentic leadership style and create trust, loyalty and cohesion in their reports
  • Develop emotional intelligence and empathy skills to become more resilient
  • Learn how to identify and manage defensive behaviours — defensive behaviours reduce ability, diminish performance and get in the way of the tasks and objectives. Eliminating these behaviours immediately improves performance and morale
  • Learn how to unleash ‘Discretionary Emotional Effort’ in reports and teams because you cannot buy passion and passion is required to climb mountains
  • Enhance staff engagement and motivation to dramatically improve commitment, performance, productivity and output
  • Understand how self esteem impacts on motivation, relationships and performance. Negative self esteem = low morale — positive esteem = high morale, high engagement, high commitment and the achievement of objectives
  • Learn how to challenge and confront appropriately and effectively, eliminate defensive behaviour, time wasted on disputes, ill feeling among reports

The person best placed to facilitate optimal high performance is the leader..

Profound Leadership utilises FIRO Theory, a scientific approach based on 50 years of leadership research, which asserts that all human beings have certain fundamental needs which must be satisfied in order to facilitate complete engagement with their role, aims and objectives. If these needs are not met, engagement, commitment and cohesion will all suffer. The result will be individuals, teams and even entire organisations functioning at less than their potential.

The programme is a three day, intensive, interactive experience, ideally conducted off site, which will challenge leaders to engage with the process, to participate fully, to explore and question self limiting beliefs, take a deep and honest look at themselves and how they impact on others. It will provide an opportunity to explore how thoughts, feelings, attitudes, mannerisms, habits and behaviours — enhance or undermine effective leadership. It will quickly make a difference as Geoff Howe of BAE Systems found…

“We put 20 of our established shop floor supervisors through the Leadership Development Programme, not only did every single supervisor declare the programme the most practical they had every attended, but the increase in efficiency after 2 months was so dramatic from one of our Manufacturing Teams that we had to check that the figures for time taken against time allowed was correct! A 20% improvement on base times.

The course is designed to show managers at all levels how to maintain compatible productive teams and it succeeds in every case, our plan is to put every supervisor though this type of training as we believe the return on investment is easily achieved within six months.

One of the biggest advantages of the course is its applicability across all disciplines, such as Manufacturing, Purchasing, Finance, Engineering, Servicing and Material Control, Supervisors from these disciplines took the course together and applied the ethos in the same manner, successfully in every case.

This is the most progressive, practical course I have ever encountered.”

Geoff Howe
Avionics Production Manager


The Fast Track

It will cost a lot less than you might imagine to create your next generation of high performing leaders. The programme can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific leadership development needs. Contact me here to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements. Alternatively please use the contact form on the home page here.

Over 4000 leaders from CEO’s to first line managers have benefited from the Profound Leadership Programme from organisations as diverse as Marks & Spencer plc, Clerical Medical Investment Group, HBOS and BAE Systems INSYTE Operations Division. Although the programme is tailored to the specific needs of each organisation, there are certain features in common to all programmes, you can read about them here.

“If the only tool you have is a hammer
you will treat everything as if it were a nail.”

Abraham Maslow