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Coaching supports you to develop greater self awareness. Coaching facilitates your learning rather than simply teaching you. It helps you to uncover and overcome the thoughts and feelings which are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Inner Stories

You will inevitably achieve your goals quicker and more easily when you understand the ways you interrupt your potential. These ‘inner stories’ are our biggest opponents, holding us back, creating self-doubt, making us reactive by sapping our self esteem and confidence. It need not be like this! 


My approach is based upon a safe yet challenging exploration of what drives us psychologically, increasing awareness of how we behave and feel towards ourselves and others. The processes I deploy gently increase engagement, collaboration and trust in interpersonal relationships. These characteristics lead to high performing, confident individuals, increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, sense of purpose and a healthier work/life balance.

The Coaching Process will help you to remove self-imposed mental barriers and obstacles and thus enable you to realise your fullest potential.

Thirty Five Years Experience

My coaching process is the product of scientific research — FIRO Theory® — and thirty five years experience of coaching and facilitating individuals, groups, teams and organisations.

Coaching enables the creation of sustainable, resilient, high-performing cultures and authentic, creative, aware individuals.

I use here and now, action learning methods, and the latest innovations in sports, performance and life coaching, my process is not a ‘quick fix’ but brings about lasting, desired change.


Coaching will help you clarify your desired outcomes, motivate you to create a personal action plan and give you the support and confidence to implement it.

Pat's Client Centred Coaching Model

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