Why Choose Coaching?

  • You may be trying to come to terms with the current Corona Virus Pandemic. The evolving and changing restrictions and prohibitions on living, working, relationships, and how all of this affects your life, family and work;
  • You are struggling to make sense of the world right now;
  • You occasionally wonder if you are in the right role, job or even career;
  • You would love to do something different with your life, but lack the confidence to act and make the change;
  • You awake in the morning and you sometimes wonder “Is this as good as it gets?”
  • You want some space to review, re-evaluate and reconsider your life’s purpose;
  • You have experienced loss, whether this is the loss of a loved one, the loss of a friendship, relationship, your job, your business or any other loss, and want support to help you deal with this;
  • You want to develop effective strategies for managing your levels of stress;
  • You know you have untapped talent, but you are not sure how to access it and you are not satisfied with the way things are;
  • You want to develop greater self confidence and give your self esteem a boost;
  • You are successful, highly motivated, a self starter, however, you are unsure where to get the right support to maintain your performance, keep you on track, develop your skills and advise you on business strategy;
  • You are a leader, but the team you lead is under-performing. You know you have to do something about the situation — you are not sure how to begin;
  • You are already successful in your chosen field but you feel that you should be accomplishing more than you are currently;
  • You find yourself at the moment with low self esteem, which is holding you back on your chosen path;
  • You are concerned about your usage of any of the following: alchohol, drugs, sex, shopping, social media, etc;
  • You feel you are at a crossroads in your life, which direction should you take?

Next Steps.

If you have questions about Coaching, how it will support your development, and you would like to discuss further, arrange an initial, no cost, no obligation, discovery conversation with me, to discuss your current situation and to explore what you want to do about it,  email me here now, I will get back to you within a few hours.

NB. Discovery conversations are typically 15 — 30 minutes in duration, at a mutually convenient time.

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