Art Of Facilitation, Take Aways

What You Can Expect From Participating On The Art Of Facilitation.

✔ You will develop greater awareness of self and others—the pinnacle skill of Emotional Intelligence.

✔ Experience a deep, immersive, exciting programme, creating a profound learning experience, which will rapidly increase your ability.

✔ You will learn a structured scientific approach which enables you to construct professional, meaningful, adept interventions, thus enhancing Your Skills and Ability. 

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✔ Easy to learn and implement thus creating an immediate return on your investment.

✔ Developing virtuosity in professional practice—which means lifting Your Skills to the next level.

✔ Uses tried and tested scientific methods—a provable, repeatable, dependable methodology.

✔ Guaranteed*to make you a better practitioner, by enhancing your reputation, you will get more and better work.

✔ A scaleable methodology—which means developing your ability in working with individuals, groups and teams.

✔ The programme is built on three interlinked workshops—you get very deep professional development taking Your ‘helping’ and facilitating skills to the next level.

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✔ For practitioners with some experience—not a beginners course—deep professional, practitioner development programme.

✔ Existential coaching skills—developing your presence, authenticity and immediacy, by working in the ‘here and now’.

✔ Programme input based on your existing practice—which means that it is of direct relevance and benefit to the work you do with your clients.

✔ The Programme Facilitator has 30+ years of experience— you benefit from his 35K hours working with this model, delivering to groups, teams and individual clients! 

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*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, read more here.

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