Art Of Facilitation

Programme Outline, Block One.

The Art Of Facilitation is an immersive, professional development programme which utilises experiential learning, a phenomenological approach, working existentially in the here and now, to create a dynamic and exciting learning environment. 

Below is a selection of key topics and techniques we will be exploring on the programme.

Block One: The Art Of Facilitation Model. Contracting, ground rules, working methodology. The Way Of Artistry, self awareness and effective facilitation. Aims and Objectives, what you want to get from the programme. Awareness. Introducing The ‘CUBE’1.   Beginning to construct interventions—Effective Foundations. Diagnostics. Reflective Practice. Working in ‘Real Time’. Action Learning Sets. Homework.

Block Two: The Six Dynamic Dimensions of expert facilitation. Depth, Focus and Process—dynamic levels of working. Homework.

Block Three: FIRO Theory In-depth. FIRO Element-B. Schutz Group Dynamics. Bion. The Structure of Helping. Live Case Studies. Homework.

Block Four: Deepening Your Facilitation Skills:
Developing resilience, courage and virtuosity in your professional practise. Dynamic Models of Facilitation,  working with individuals, groups and teams, using a variety of tools such as ‘projective techniques’, group work, intensive roleplay and advanced microlabs.

Block Five: Advanced Facilitation Skills: 
Diagnostics and consulting. 
Using the CUBE as diagnostic and consulting tool.
Intervention design. Using the CUBE to design your interventions.
Reflective Practice In Action.
Supervision and mentoring, specific to helping.
Maintaining your practice.
Maintaining yourself.
Decompression and regeneration of self.

The Art Of Facilitation is an immersive process, working experientially and existentially in the here and now, with each aspect of facilitation covered in some depth, each workshops deepens the skills learned on the previous event, there will be some homework assignments expected to be completed between each workshop. Action Learn ing Sets will be formed and are an integral part of the Art Of Facilitation Programme.

1The CUBE is a proprietary facilitation tool which I developed to teach The Art Of Facilitation, and which we shall use throughout these programmes, You will learn to use the CUBE with your clients.

Homework and personal reflection will be expected.

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