Art Of Facilitation

Part One Programme Outline

The Art Of Facilitation is an immersive, professional development programme which utilises experiential learning, working existentially in the here and now, to create a dynamic and exciting learning environment. 

Below is a selection of key topics and techniques we will be exploring on the programme.

Day One: Contracting, ground rules, working methodology. The Way Of Artistry, self awareness and effective facilitation. Aims and Objectives, what you want to get from the programme. Awareness. Introducing The ‘CUBE’. [A unique facilitation tool I developed to teach The Art Of Facilitation, and which we shall use throughout these programmes, you will learn to use the CUBE with your clients.]  Beginning to construct interventions—Effective Foundations. Diagnostics. Reflective Practice. Working in ‘Real Time’. Homework.

Day Two: The ‘CUBE’—going deeper. Contracting.  Power. The Six Dynamic Dimensions of expert facilitation. Depth, Focus and Process—dynamic levels of working. Homework.

Day Three: Review Day Two. Live case Studies. The Structure of Helping. Live Case Studies. Homework.

Day Four: Review Day Three. Forward Planning. Goal setting. Contracting revisited. Learning Buddies. Review and close the workshop.

Homework and personal reflection will be expected.

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