Pat Young

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FIRO Theory provides the basic framework for the theories, ideas and techniques which I present and facilitate. My approach also includes information from Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Psychology, Psychodrama, communications – small groups and systems theories, as well as ideas developed in over thirty years of professional practice in the field.

My training began in Glasgow, the place of my birth, in the early 1980’s, after this I moved to London and continued my studies at the University of Surrey [H.P.R.G.] , I finally completed my training with Will Schutz in San Francisco. Along the way I have been privileged to work with many experts in those fields listed above.

Since 1987 I have worked as a consultant to organisations in the private and public sectors specializing in management and leadership development training, group and team dynamics, group, executive and individual coaching. I have a strong background in business and management.

I have been working with Will Schutz’s FIRO Theory since I encountered ‘JOY’ his first best seller in 1982 and had the privilege of being trained by Will from 1999. I  am privileged to have worked closely and personally with both Will Schutz and John Heron. I am passionate about facilitating and equally passionate about FIRO Theory.

My experience includes facilitating post graduate facilitator development programmes at the Human Potential Research Group at the University of Surrey and at the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice at the University of Bath. I have facilitated several Diplomas in Counselling at Sandwell College and Birmingham Counselling Centre.

I designed and facilitated the Master Practitioner Diploma in FIRO Theory [2007 – 2007] and was myself accredited Master Practitioner in FIRO Theory by S.E.L.F. [Schutz Education & Learning Foundation] in Stockholm.

From 1989 – 1992 I was Senior Counsellor and latterly Director of the Alcohol Counselling Service in Brixton.