The central focus of my developmental activities, is to help the people I work with to get more out of their lives and occupations, to understand how they block and inhibit themselves from achieving their full potential, to develop and implement effective strategies to change this.

I work with professional practitioners, coaches, trainers, executives and leaders to enable them to maximise their performance and to enhance their facilitation, coaching and leadership abilities.

Using FIRO Theory to explore their behaviour and personality enables workshop participants and coaching clients to:

  • enhance their self esteem
  • fulfil their potential
  • reduce their defensiveness and reactivity
  • create productive, cohesive, mutually satisfying relationships

I work with Leaders, Managers, Entire Teams, Facilitators, OD Professionals, Coaches and Trainers to help transform the lives of individuals and organisations.

I support professional practitioners to develop skills in facilitating group processes, training and development interventions and expert coaching skills.

I coach individuals, groups, teams and organisations.

I see coaching clients at my base in West Sussex or at mutually convenient alternative locations throughout the UK.

Arrange an initial—no cost—consultation to discuss your current situation and explore what you want to do about it, email me here now and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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